Art ?! : My view on meme art

Memes would be considered art because any way that a person seeks to express themselves is a form of art. With art taking on so many different forms like, music, dance, visual art, or art by way of painting it renders that any way you express yourself as art.

Many people use memes to express their current moods or to describe moments in time that they experienced something. They even use the meme form to relive childhood moments too. For instance , being high school I learned first hand what it meant to be a mean girl or a member of the “cool kids club” which inspired this first meme I created.


Then I thought that about when I was old enough to really go to parties with my friends. You always have a friend that likes to act out and be the center of attention but instead of telling them to relax you encourage them. That inspired this meme.

Lastly,  I have experienced a lot events while in college which have deemed me the “King of Shade” among my friends. But because I’m such a sweet person I don’t usually agree and find myself floored at times. I couldn’t find anyone better to express my deepest sentiments other than Tami Roman. She inspired this meme.


Marvel in my artistic ways !

Author: Ikeybando

NYC. 22.Dancer.Singer.Creative Director

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