The Girl on the Train (Week 6)

There once was a girl on the train. She had headphones on, jamming to some  music. The girl begins to close her eyes and in that split second she enter this virtual world. She got out of her sit while on the train mine you she is in a virtual world, but everyone who is on the train doesn’t know that.   In the virtual world there is  a stage surrounded by crowds of people.

The girls biggest fears was to sing in front of a crowd, it made her heart race and her mind loaded. What is she going to do? Is she going to let her fear control her or is she going to overcome it?

During her time in the virtual world her mind takes a complete turn she begins to have a flash back of singing in her room.  The music’s on just when she thought nobody was listening  people actually was listening. These people were her family members they thought she was drop dead talented.

So, the flash back is over and she still on the stage contemplating if she should sing or just wake up from this virtual dream. Something happened inside her in a slip moment she open her mouth and begin to sing. The crowd was mind blown. 

Not only was the crowd mind blown the people on the train was mind blown. She sing her last words and open her eyes and find herself in the middle of the train everyone clapping and cheering. She soon realize that virtual world was a dream that turn into a reality.  Everyone know that a star was born. It wasn’t just any star it was the girl on the train.











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