Someone Who Inspires Me (Dsl06Assignment)

When it comes to people who inspire me there are many people who take the cake. However my mom is someone who inspires me the most and I am not just saying this cause she is my mom. My mom is someone I look up too. She has been through many things in her life yet she continues to march on. She is someone who does not give up on herself, she keeps going.

My mom always encourages me and gives good advice. She is straight up front and does not sugar code nothing. Sometimes she can be too honest, but you got to love her.My mom has recently change her life in living a more healthier life. She keeps track of what she eats and takes care of herself. I remember a time when she would put others before her and now she has taken charge of her life. That inspires me to take care of myself in put myself first.

My mom is very confident in herself and I love it.  As I get older I hope  to gain more self esteem in myself. It is a working progress, but I am going to get there. I love that my mom knows how to have conversations with people and she makes people laugh. As I mature into a young woman I want to gain similar qualities from her. She is an amazing woman and has a giving heart. I love her and she is my inspiration.

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