Throwback TV Shows GIF (Ds106Assignment)

From ds106Assignments I decided to choose from the GIF menu. The          assignment was to make a GIF of your favorite TV shows. I chose my favorite TV shows from my childhood. Each show has a meaning to me. Growing up I was a very huge fan of Disney. I made a youtube channel with the name disney in it too

That’s so Raven is a childhood favorite of mine. I remember singing along to the theme every time it came on. I was having karaoke parties by myself. I just connected with the character Raven. She was clumsy and always in a mess just like me.

I would watch reruns of Sister Sister it’s my favorite 90’s show. I still watch reruns of this show today. Tia and Tamara made me laugh every time. They would always say, “Go Home Rodger”( a classic). I love their style, today my style is very much like theirs. They were funny and I learned a lot from this show.



Then comes Hannah Montana when this show first came out believe it or not I did not think I would like it. I don’t know why I thought this. A teenage girl living a double life of being a superstar it’s funny how nobody really figure out she was a superstar into she reveal it to the world. I felt so connected to this show Hannah was on this quest to find herself and all my life I felt as if I was on the same journey .





Lastly, the best cartoon show of all time is Proud Family. This was my show. The Proud family reminds of my family. I had a sugar mama and a crazy over protected dad.   I love this show because there was a character that look like me that I could relate to. This show was laugh out loud funny. I wish that it was still on.

So many great shows are no longer on and it’s so sad because kids today won’t really know the incredible  shows I got to grow up with. I guess it’s my job to tell them how great it was back then.





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