“Big Brother”

Meet David Gutman, although everybody calls him big Jim.

“And before you ask, no he’s not Italian.”

However, big Jim does work in private security. Big Jim loves his job, protecting people from harm is something he’s always done since childhood. He always kept a watchful eye out for his client but also everyone in general. Jim is staked with high-end surveillance equipment that he gets from his baby sister. It makes him super creepy yet efficient at this job. He usually a laid-back guy who super down to earth expect when someone try to hurt the ones he love or protect and then he turns into a beast. Literally!  

Want to hire Jim? When he is not working you usually find him on the open road in his “red beauty” or at a bar being the life of the party. Feel free to go right up to him and start talking..because he only takes on client he’s met face to face.

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