Animated Gif

I missed last class, which was definitely  a set back. I plan to be present from here on. I admit when I first read the assignment I was kind of lost. But some of the kind classmates left a roadmap on how to execute this project. I came early this week to use the photoshop and attempt what I learned.

The first thing I did when I came to class is search for a portrait. This was a little frustrating at first because the pics I liked were cut off at the top. Eventually I settled on a Maya Angelou portrait to make my gif. When I finished making my gif, I realized I had the wrong resolution but I asked for helped and everything was able to be fixed.


Well it was tough but I got through with it the best I could. It was a great learning experience.  I would say the frames was the most challenging part because I wasn’t here, but once I was shown what to do, it became pretty simple.This stuff is interesting to me I can’t wait to create more.

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