A Day In The LIfe Of A PPG

Who are the PP Girls you see here? Well these are the almighty Power Puff Girls of New York City. They’ve come to abolish all crime known to man. From high to low they don’t care where the evil villains go.

See you have Power Puff Blossom, the head of the clan. She’s untouchable and unstoppable just like her scientific father Professor Utonium. A leader she is. But her weakness is seeing people cry.

That green little individual in the sky is known to break hearts with that mean demeanor. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone, not even the so called leader of the pack BLOSSOM.

Last but not least, Bubbles. The cry babyyyy of them all. If she doesn’t get her way all hell will brake loose. She’s worse then Pearl the “ The Whale”, to your lower left side.

Well as for this beautiful scenic view of Times Square, THE PPP is trying to catch Pearl and calm her down. Pearl is just being a cry baby, which is expected because her dad is being cheap and doesn’t want to pay for her to take a picture of her and the characters of NYC.

The PPP just don’t have time for the petty foolishness. So you see why Buttercup is always grouchy, there is nothing that won’t change that unless there is an action packed crime taken place in the CITY OF NY!

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