I did one of the writing assignments which only allows you to use the top 1000 most used words and it took longer than I thought- hence the instructions! I wrote a short bio but when my words are limited (even though 1000 words sounds like a lot) I had to go back and change what I was trying to say a few times because I couldn’t use the word I would automatically go to.  The list has pretty much all the words we normally use and don’t realize we do since it just comes naturally, but when it comes to writing out a small story it proposed a little challenge.


This assignment was fun to do but also a little challenging because it only gave you 20 seconds to draw and I am such a basic drawer- literally stick figures. I did it about 6 different times and it took me a while for the net to guess them all correct (my first time it only guessed 1 correctly). Check out my artistic skills!


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