Motion Graphics Designs and Reels

These Motion Graphic GIFs, Graphics and Reels, display my ability to work with Photoshop and After-Effect is accomplishing different types of designs and  projects, and below are some sample of my work using After-Effect.


I started my adventure in my Motion Graphics class with learning how to make a gif with a movie poster.

Just because I like to laugh, I decided to use my favorite comedian’s movie poster for my Cover art Gif Assignment. And as I was checking for a movie poster over the internet to use for the gif, this poster of his very funny face stood out the most for me.

This was one difficult Gif creation experiment I ever come across. My concept was to make the eye’s rotate or move and also make the legs go up and down. And after a very challenging experience trying to do it, I was able to accomplish the goal of completing this Cover Art GIF below.



The second project I’ve worked on in motion graphics was creating musical shapes, and making the shape move. Here I was able to get the shapes to move and flow with the rhythm of the beat, and at some point during the DownBeat of the music, I made the size of the shapes using the scale to increase as the shapes come together and form a bigger shape.


3. SQUASH ‘n’STRETCH (Bouncing Basketball)

My third experiment with motion graphics was making bouncing basketball squash and stretch. At first, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do. But finally I decided to make the ball Bounce-Squash-Stretch and this is what I ended up with.



My green screen workshop was a great and interesting session, where I did some backflips on the studio set, and then experimented with the footage with compositing, and duplicating myself into three places and turned it into an animation. It didn’t happen easily, and it was still a work in progress for me. Finally, I improved on it and made it a bit better and interesting. And the above was the final version of it.



My next project after the Green screen was my first ever Kinetic Typography project. Here, I decided to use a QUOTE from my all-time inspiration Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that says “Love is a FORCE, capable of Transforming an Enemy into a Friend.” and transform it into kinetic Typography. These are very inspiring words, and I believe you would agree.



So here I decided to do an infographic on the subject of HEARING LOSS. My GOAL was to inform the general public about the DANGER of NOISE, and advice on how to take precautions to prevent hearing loss.

FIRST: I had to do some research to get the statistical facts about Hearing loss and how many people in the United States and around the world are affected by it.

SECOND: I had to do a VOICE OVER audio recording of the information I had gathered from my research.

THIRD: I had to source for Assets and also create some that I couldn’t find the CHART using Adobe Illustrator.

FINALLY: I had to put them all together so it can tell the story about the Danger of LOUD NOISE and Hearing Loss.

I hope you like it!


“More than 360 million people around the world have hearing loss, according to the world health organization.

In the United States, 12 percent of U.S. population have hearing loss.

Noise have been said to be the leading cause of Hearing Loss.

And 30 million Americans are exposed to dangerous Noise Levels such as  TRAINS, CONSTRUCTION, and loud CLUB MUSIC.

The most effective treatment, Hurry and get your ears checked.”



My Final motion graphics experiment with AFTER EFFECT was once again with Kinetic Typography. Here, I was able to get the Typography in SYNC with the Rhythm of the music, the emotions of the song and most importantly the TIMING of the WORDs and the SONG.

Watch and Listen.



The Above video is the final REEL of all my MOTION GRAPHICS projects done in After Effect combined together.

CT101 Digital Storytelling