Second React Assignment

In the last section of react tutorials I learned about working with lists and conditionals. I learn how to make react render content conditionally. I ended up being able to show lists only when a condition was meet by the user. The most important thing I learned during this section was updating state immutably. This part talked about why its important never to directly change state. Instead we can copy arrays or objects using the split method which takes the information we want to change inside state and makes us a copy. Once we changes to the copies , we then update the state using setState. This allowed us to change the state without mutating it directly. Learning how to not change the state directly helps us be able to create a stable application with less bugs.

For the second assignment we had to take what we learned about creating lists, conditional, and state immutably. Then create a text box where the user inputs a name and then the length of the text is shown. We also had to add if the text the user entered was too short or too long. We then had to create inline boxes and these boxes would hold which letter the user entered. After this we had to create a click handler which deleted a letter the user clicked inside the boxes.

This is my code



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