Red Paul Blogging Away……….

You may want to know who is Red Paul ?

Well let me just tell you red Paul is a fictional character within my story line today. Red Paul is what is known as a half mouse half red wolf, put it together and we have a mo-wolf. He has two feet and four toes, along with a long tail where his lower body is red and this upper body is dark. He has two hands and eight fingers. Oh yeah how can I forget he has two mouse ears on top with a huge smile and big nice eyes with a button like nose.

Red Paul is very cool especially with his cool moves he is able to jump up in the air and land perfectly on his feet, it’s like he is a super mo-wolf. He is so sweet, loving and caring and just like any superhero Red Paul helps people without the magic powers attach. As you can see in these images where he jumped up to save a young lady hang bag and landed safely, with it. The people in strawberry lake loves him, for he is the awesome mo-wolf of their town.

On a regular day of Red Paul’s, life he would get up brush his teeth, take his morning showers, get dress and then eat a wonderful breakfast. His favorite of all time breakfast is pancakes, four pieces of bacon, with scramble eggs along with lots, and lots of syrup all over his eggs, and pancakes. Additionally he enjoys his breakfast with fruits on the side and a nice tall glass of rainbow milk. Red Paul quote of the day is “you can never start your day without a great breakfast”, it is the most important meal of one’s day for sure. 

After eating his breakfast Red Paul, then starts his day off by walking around his town to see where he can give his helping hands to anybody in need. He is very protective over the citizens of strawberry lake without a doubt he is. He also can build things, help out with houses, cars and many crafts around those lines. Even though he is great at helping, Red Paul hobby, or “talent” is his ability to do cool stuff on his computer. The way how he can bring animation to life off the internet, how he can tell a story digitally from the internet. How he can take a picture off the internet or of someone and just bring it to life from Photoshop off his computer. It’s like his craft can tell a story without having to actually write the words. He introduced the town to GIFs and Memes and the cool ways to play around with them on the computer and make it your own. The amount of creativity that Red Paul can bring forth from the internet or the computer is so awesome his computer talent is one that this town has never seen before.

Red Paul might be a fictional character but his talents and the loving and caring person that he is, surly allows the people of strawberry lake to look forward to what he can do next. Each day he fills the citizens of this town hearts more and more. Why he had to be made up just why did he ? The world may never know……………..

I just took you on a story trip about my fictional character Red Paul, now take me on a trip through yours !


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