Project Ideas

My first project idea was easy to choose. My number one pick will be fan fiction. I love reading fan fiction on tumblr, some of the people writing this stuff are very talented. I have read some written work that is better than the original. Here is one of my favorite TV show fan fictions that I love to read.

My second choice didn’t come as easy to me but I think its where I need the most help. I selected visual/design. When it comes to expressing myself in writing I can do that, but visually I kind of suck.

I expect to learn how to work more in photoshop with pictures. This will only benefit me in the long run. Recently in another class we had to design a webpage. I knew everything I wanted to be on this webpage, however I didn’t know how to visually make it happen. With these two skills combined I believe it will only help me progress in my field of choice.


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