Project Ideas.

In the DS106 Assignment Bank, there are so many different categories to choose from. There are categories that fall in writing, visual, audio and plenty more. I love how there are so many options from me to choose from so I can eventually learn how to master them all! Well okay, not all but a decent amount. These are two assignments I am excited about being able to complete myself if I got the chance to.

The first assignment that has my caught my attention is a visual assignment:

I chose this assignment because the outcome of the photo just looks so cool to me. I’ve always seen photos like this and wondered how can people make a crazy photo look so perfect? I also feel like this assignment wouldn’t be so hard to accomplish. It seems like you’d just need about 3-5 different photos and a specific type of software to help put all of them together into this type of compilation. This is an assignment I look forward to, for sure.

The second assignment that looks intriguing to me is from the Mashup category:

I chose this assignment because it seems fun to be able to do. Imagine being able to choose your favorite character from ANY movie and getting to create a montage of how they’ve grown from time to time? I can only imagine how the outcome will be but I know this will take lots and lots of effort. I wonder what kind of software you would have to use so it comes out perfect. I would definitely enjoy getting this assignment done.


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