My animated photo !

Today, in Ct101, we learned how to create an animated image in photoshop. I was so excited whenI realized how simple it was.

First I chose a portrait image fro google. I chose Tupac because i love him so much! I made sure to chose the image size as large to not distort such a beautiful face. Next i opened up the image to photoshop. After adjusting the size to 8×10, I made several copies of the image.

Next I edited each image slightly different from each other. for one of the images, i created a slight distortion. i believe the distorted version of the image is what gives the effect that the image is moving. next we created a (i forgot, but i think its called…) frame timeline. this puts all the images in a timeline and plays each image for about half a second. created a short, looped video playing all the images.

One thought on “My animated photo !”

  1. Great work on this! Thank you!
    Dont forget to add a hyper-link or two to each and every blog post, sharing resources adds value to others who may ready/see this. Do you have a favorite website where we can see some of the artist’s work?

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