Animated Gif’s

This animated gif project is definitely a little bit weird but I think that’s what makes it a great project. It’s a new and unexpected way of doing a portrait.  I like the fact that we can manipulate the picture anyway we see fit to create these scary yet cool looking images. This project could be used to show how people can change into something evil or show a person growing old. There are many different metaphors a person could create/explore with this one project.  This was my second version of this animated gif.  P.s  The process of making an animated gif is listed below,
Step 1: Make a new document that is 8 by 10 inches, at 72dpi
Step 2: Find a headshot photo (You can also crop photos)
Step 3: Save original pic to desktop
Step 4: open selected picture up in photoshop do not drop the picture into photoshop
Step 5: Save that psd project file
Step 6: Change the selected photo about 4 times remembering to save after each change…save as jpg
Step 7: go to window and open timeline
Step 8: click on create frame animation
Step 9: go to file > script > load files into stack > browse > select all photos > add
Step 10: select all layers > make frames from layers > set to forever> 0sec
Step 11: export file > save for web > gif > save

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