Project ideasss!!

I was confused as to what to do actually do for this blog post but as I looked at the ct 101 website and with the help of some of your examples I got it. We have a lot of exciting little projects we will be working on in the future and they seem pretty interesting.I thought that we would be doing the actual project.

  • I chose this one as my first assignment I would be interested in knowing how to do. I have chosen this project because the fact that we get to chose any disney songs and mash them up and basically make our own little mix to it it’s amazing. I have never thought about that idea before. I would need to know how to work with different sounds and make them flow. I wonder which software we would use this make this work I’m curious. This skill is really important because if I don’t know how to produce different sounds then it wouldn’t work.

  • I chose this as my second assignment i would be interested in knowing how to do. I have chosen this project because it’s very simple and cute! How fun is to write your name with a font of your choice and put designs of your choice. I read the instructions just to have a sense of what to expect. We would need to use the cool letters website. I did not check the website but I know it would be interesting.

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  1. Well done! Thank you!
    Im glad that you were able to discover examples on the website, there are literally TONS of helpful examples to help clarify the steps for most of the assignments.

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