Really:Are Memes Art?

The look you have when someone mistakes this for art.

With all due respect to the various opinions on the topic of Memes as artistic works currently in the blogosphere. I agree in part with some of the sentiments expressed in the article by Knibbs (2013).

However, the idea that all memes are equal would be the equivalent of arguing that the use of words by individuals communicates ideas. Memes are situational expressions. Not all memes rise to the standard of artistic “aura” Knibbs (2013).

Memes are expressions of an individual thought; in many respects, memes are the shorthand of the brain. It allows the user to convey a thought that would otherwise require long complex sentence structures. The consequences of overuse of memes as thought expression could potentially be the inability use written text to convey a meaningful expression of thought.

However, I agree that certain classes of memes have artistic value.

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