New Brooklyn Rapper

Finding the perfect beat or the perfect flow is something all lyricist need. Some struggle and some prevail, it takes determination to try to make it in the industry.

Rapping is something people do for the fun of it but for some its what drives them and makes them want to be the next big thing.

At 20 years old, a rapper by the name of  MenaceVrses whose from  Brooklyn, NY plans on making rapping his career.

Our name defines us, it makes us who we are. Some of us get nicknames but the name we run with tells a story. Face it our name is pretty much our brand.

MenaceVrses said, “My stage name came about from a nickname given to me by my family. My family calls me Dennis The Menace. I took that, ran with it and added the Vrses at the end.”

“I began rapping as a way to vent and talk about things I usually wouldn’t. I don’t really talk about my feelings or like to explain things so I let my music speak for me.” MenaceVrses said.

Being a rapper means there are people you look up to. People who some would say influence the rapping culture.

For MenaceVrses he has many different influences. MenaceVrses says, “Some of my influences are A Tribe Called Quest, Biggie, Common, J. Cole, Jay-Z, Joey Bada$$, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Method Man, Nas, The Fugees and many more.”

With all these influences he looks up to one more than any other. “I mostly look up to J. Cole because he took a route not many rappers would take in terms of his approach to his music.” Why does he look up to J. Cole, he says “He shows a huge amount of vulnerability in his music, sometimes it feels like he talks for me or that he’s talking to me. Listening to J. Cole’s discography helped me realize that my music should always be authentic and an extension of me.”

Many of us have different passions. Sometimes one drives us more than the other. Not only is MenaceVrses is a rapper he is also a photographer. Picking one or the other is hard but some of us can juggle doing both.

With having two passions he sees them both defining him.When asked “does he see photography in his future?” he made the statement “I definitely see photography being apart of my future because it’s another outlet for my creativity. Rapping is the main focus for now because I’m starting to see results such as more attention towards my music & being reached out to perform at concerts.”

All rappers have their own way of writing, finding their flows and finding a beat that fits them best. When asked how he writes and his process he stated, “The process of me writing a song consists of me listening to a beat repeatedly and analyzing how I can contribute to this piece of music. I usually mumble outflows before writing words to see the direction and type energy I’m going to have for the duration of the track.”

Even in rapping, there is trial and error, like writing there is first drafts, second drafts even third drafts until we are satisfied and happy with the work we put in.

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