Girls Trip

For my new blog Post i chose to use the movie Girls Trip to make the new reaction GIF. It’s a very funny movie that i enjoyed watching so i felt it best to share it. Also it represent how i feel about any class because in the beginning you’re never too sure about anything whether it’s a new class, new job, or new whatever but as time progresses you get a good or bad feeling. And just like in the movie i felt like it was going to be a good laugh, i felt this was going to be  a good class  experience.



HTTP error.


I’ve tried several times to upload different files of the multiple GIF .jpg I’ve made, so you can see my GIF,  but I keep getting the same http error.

One thought on “Girls Trip”

  1. Hmmm, are you making that your GIF files are not set as “Medium” – all .gif files must be set at “Full Size” in order to animate properly. Try to edit the post and let me know what happens. 🙂

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