First DS106 Assignment

I found a really cool project for my first DS106 assignment.

You are to pick a random word and create a design that essentially describes the word. For my design, I use the word “DEBATE” and show that there is always two sides in a debate and a neutral side who is in the middle, judging everything both sides have to say. I also decreased the opacity of the neutral side “BA” from black to a lighter black color. I got inspired to use the word after searching random words on google search. I wanted to make the “DE” blue to symbolize the democratic party while “TE” would be red to symbolize the republican party. I didn’t do it due to the challenge rules, you have to use black and only one font but you can play around with the positions of the word. It was pretty fun and a little bit challenging to do since you couldn’t use colors. Some of the submissions I saw from other students also inspired me to try the challenge. Here is one I think is just brilliant and very creative.


Here is a link to the challenge if interested.

DS106 Word Challenge


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