Memes Are the New Era!

If a person, centuries from now, were to google the current years of 2017 to 2018, it will be filled with hilarious, eye catching and questionable memes.

Memes are definitely ART!  It tells many different stories about everything that is current or  “in the moment”; politics, celebrities, tv shows, school and so much more that can be easily related to millennials.

Many people born in the 21st century have a very short attention span because of social media, and the internet is one of the main sources that millennials use to communicate with one another.  The internet displays how almost every person all over the world expresses themselves visually, through profiles, videos or even memes and that is art.


One thought on “Memes Are the New Era!”

  1. Indeed, good work on this! It always helps to make multiple iterations of a project. this way we create contrasts to review and learn from our results. Make a few more!

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