My First GIF Project !

How was it ?

Creating this first GIF project, was very different. When I say different I mean it was so many steps which I had to pay attention to in order not to miss anything. My professor and classmates helped me out through the process a lot. If it was not for them, I still would of been stock on step one lol. Even though it was a lot to take in it was so fun along the way because the new things that I am learning already is making me happy with myself. Even though this class is a learning process and it is causing me to come out of my boring box and be creative I am pretty happy with how I am developing through out these weeks so far. Therefore with nothing else to come to mind let me share with you my first GIF project. The results is not perfect but I am happy with it, I tried and did not give up along the way.

Go Me….

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