The Art of Memes

What emotion do you believe this GIF displays?

Sadness? Distress?

If you perceive some other emotion, that is completely fine as well!

The point of this GIF was to invoke some type of emotion in you. I generally use memes, to express my emotions while texting friends. I think using GIFs to express how you’re feeling in that specific instance is so awesome. It saves you time on words/typing. It might also serve you well, when not knowing how to say something.

Memes are great because you are not limited to certain emotions, they can be specific too! There are so many options to choose from when it comes to GIFs. If for some reason, you can not find any GIFs that relate to you/your situation, you can create one! Websites like GIPHY and Imgur make it easy for you to create GIFs in a jiffy. I created the GIF above in less than 5 minutes! I hope more people decided to create/use GIFs.

If you do not use GIFs, you are missing out!

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