Project Ideas

While looking into the DS106 site one of the assignments I found interesting is a 2-3 minute clip of your favorite actor mashed together. From their earliest movies to some more recent movies. You would have to explain why you choose this actor, and how they have developed over the years. For this assignment, I think we would need first learn to how to use a video editing software in order to get the movie scenes mashed together it would be definitely new and exciting.

Another assignment I found while browsing the site was you have to pick your favorite Disney songs and have them mashed together as well but they have to flow nicely into one another. This particular project I am really interested in because I am a huge fan of anything Disney and it would be really interesting to hear everyone’s mashups.

I think that doing these project would help us develop our storytelling skills because we would have to gets things that we didn’t originally create to flow nicely into one another in order to tell a story it would definitely be challenging and fun to do.

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