Are Memes Art ?

Are Memes Art?

That’s a very good question. Here’s what I think. Art is a form of expression. You have people who sing, dance, draw and write. All those things are a form of expression. So, is Memes Art? Yes, Memes is art. People use memes to express themselves all time. You see on social media people using memes to show their point of view. Art is also a craft it is something you build and work on so that it can get better.

The more people make memes the better they get at it. We are at a time in social media where so much craft is being made. It is amazing. People are using TV shows, movies and all sorts of things to express themselves. Memes is using art to create art.

I just learned how to make memes. I didn’t even know that you could make it yourself. It’s awesome that you can use other forms of art to express yourself. That is what art is all about. It is amazing how social media and art is evolving. I can’t wait to see what’s next to come.






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