It’s a Millennial thing to do

As a millennial, we all use social media. One of the biggest things we use are memes. Many people use memes to express how they are feeling or how someone else feels. Some people use memes to talk about something funny. These memes are created by everyday individuals, using cartoons, movie images, reality stars, celebrities, etc. So the question is, are memes a form of art?

I believe art can be found in anything we do. I find Memes to be one of those things. Its a form of expression using words and funny images. Even though the pictures may not have been drawn by the person making the meme, or photographed by them, the creation  of adding words or emojis to it to make something new is a form of art. Print makers like myself use images all the time to create art. We sometimes reprint the same images over and over and add new things to each print. That is a form of art and expression. Meme creators are using the right side of their brain to create these memes. Creativity is something you need to make art. In class we learned how to create our own memes. It was a fun experience (even though i wasn’t totally paying attention).

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