Why I love the Internet

Google: endless options at my fingertips
I live in the era of the internet and smart phones and advancing technology. I literally have the world at the tip of my fingers and anything/everything I want to know I can just Google it. I love the internet and all the things it has to offer because if I need to know how to get somewhere I just type that in google and it gives me different directions in less than 5 seconds. Or if I want to know a good restaurant near wherever I am I can just type that in and google literally shows me a list of so many places. Sometimes you don’t even have to write out the full sentence on what you are looking for (the laziness is real) as Google has suggestions and you are not the only one searching for “do pink elephants really exist?” ! I use it in my smartphone because what I want to know is for right now and Google will give me hundreds of results. This is never ending and works with almost everything. I love the internet because it’s quick, reliable (mostly) and gives me what I want or need in the moment. If only everything were that simple.

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