GIFs to Smiles

Before the start of the semester, reading the course description for CT 101 Digital Storytelling really got my attention.  I was so excited to expect the unexpected and ready to get into a whole new world of Technology.  So, the first day of class I was ready to walk in with my head high and an open mind.     

After the ending of the first class, I was ready to get my creative mind spinning with lots of ideas that will display my outlook throughout the assignments.

When I found out that the first assignment will be to create a GIF, I was so ecstatic! I immediately began scrolling through classic vintage films and shows on Youtube. We were able to create GIFs, through Imgur and Giphy, by copying and pasting a video URL and cropping a very short scene fromthe video to create a GIF.


All of the previous GIFs were created by me and I am very
proud to say that.  Learning to make my first set of GIFs is what is making me happy !

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