Highlights From My First GIFs !!!!

Highlights !!!

Creating some of my first GIF ever was pretty exciting. One highlight was that I was able to learn how to make it move when I post it. Even though I did not get it on my first try the fact that I was able to learn from my mistakes and ask for help while doing it was pretty great. Which goes to show nothing is ever perfect even things that are seen as “great” still needs to be worked on. Another highlight was the fact that I created not one but four GIFs on my first try which was pretty fun and awesome. The fact that I was able to create something from my brain and see it on big computer screens was double awesome, never knew I can do it. Even though I am still learning and have much more to work on I did have a favorite GIF that I loved which I made from my four. Let me share that favorite with you one more time.

Yayay Me !!!


The reason I loved this GIF is because her face expressions totally expresses how I felt about all my four GIFs after creating them. I was like girl yes, you got this. Also I just love Nicki so much her personality is so me lol.



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