Are Memes Art ?

Are Memes Art ? Let See……

Memes are art ! Why you may ask ? Because art is the ability to take something and be creative with it and make it your own.

Now look at this I took a picture from one of my favorite movies and added words and color to it and BOOM… Art was created. Art is being able to get creative and getting in touch with your inner creativity and make it fun along the way.

I took the same picture and changed the words and the color and now it has a totally different meaning. This is what we call art where you can take something and change the meaning and prospective of it and give it a new look. 

This meme I got from the internet is so funny to me because it is something like art. You can start with one boring picture and create 100 creative memes out of it just by being creative and making it your own. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome isn’t it !

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