My first GIF Post.

I learned how to create my own gifs in class last week and ever since then, I  couldn’t get myself to stop! I’ve always wondered how people would make them, especially because I’ve always seen them on Tumblr and I don’t know why I always thought it was so hard to do! One website we were introduced to for creating gifs was Imgur. The other website is called Giphy. I personally like Imgur more but I also like how on Giphy, you have so many options for edits and to make your gifs look more unique! Here are the first gifs I’ve created in class. The first gif was creating with Imgur. The second one with Giphy! I am so excited to see what else I am going to learn in this class. Definitely my favorite class this semester!This is a gif from Little Mix’s music video “Move”.

This is a gif from an episode of Wild’n Out with Zendaya.

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