making me happy post.

So for my second week of my Digital Storytelling class, I have to blog about something that makes me happy. There are many different things that makes me happy but I’ll try to keep it at a minimum. I love music with a passion. I have so many favorite songs and favorite artists that I enjoy listening to. I literally cannot go a day without listening to my playlist that I have created on my Spotify. Another thing that makes me happy would have to be FOOD. I’ve been craving chipotle so much lately and as bad as that sounds, I can’t help it. Chipotle is just too good. One more thing that I adore more than anything and always makes me happy would have to be sleeping, of course. Sleeping makes me the happiest simply because it drives me away from my problems and thoughts for a while. I mean, who else doesn’t like to sleep? I barely get enough nowadays because my sleeping schedule is WAY off but when I do? It’s amazing. That’s pretty much it for this post, I can go on and on but I won’t so, to end this blog post, here’s a favorite gif of mine from one of my favorite tv shows! Ross is giving Rachel “The Friendly Finger”. 

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