Make Me Happy Post

      If I had to pick one thing that makes me happy on a daily basis, it would definitely be youtube. When it comes to school, youtube is the main factor in passing almost all my classes. Honestly most professors at york are smart no doubt, however knowing how to do something and teaching people in a way that it is received are two different things. On youtube you can learn how to do anything, with various gurus to choose from. Everyone has a different learning style and trust me there is someone on there that will match you and will help you figure it out.



      Now on the lighter note when I’m not looking at youtube for help with school, I’m watching it for games, makeup, health, food, etc. I could go on forever. I also have some favorite channels where I literally watch people blog their life and experiences. I mean some of these people live all over the world and you can be with them every step of the way from right where you are. It’s amazing and so much fun to experience. Let’s not forget about music, just about every song you can think of is on there. Also you can identify with different groups as well on there, you got the makeup girls, the nursing girls section, single moms section, relationship goals, anything you are into. I love Youtube seriously it’s an obsession.



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