The internet as a luxury

Having a phone with access to the internet is an amazing luxury, I hope everyone around the world is able to experience in the future. One of my favorite things the internet lets me do is I get to communicate with my family all over the world. My brother lived with my grandparents in another country for 9 years. In order to talk to them I used to buy $2 or $5 phone cards to call until we both afforded computers. But the internet is this “luxury” where he lived so it took years for us to use Yahoo Messenger and Skype . I remember my mom crying when she saw his face on the computer screen for the first time. More time went by and he was able to get a phone with WiFi being available and then we moved on to WhatsApp and Facebook. Before my brother come to America, he taught my grandparents how to make and answer calls on WhatsApp. It breaks my heart that only a small percent of my family have the “luxury” of the internet.

Being in the US where internet coverage or speed isn’t at the top of our complaint list, I can use iMessage, FaceTime, Instagram and Snapchat on a everyday basis to reach out to my friends and family.

Heres one of my favorite Snaps I’ve posted.

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