My First Post Ever In CT 101 !!!!!! (Exciting)

What Makes Me Happy ?

Hmm….What makes me happy is YouTube !! I just love the fact that if I need help with anything, and when I say anything I mean anything at all YouTube is my best friend. I remember when I was first going natural, like no perms or heat towards my hair the first place I turned to was YouTube videos. Not only did I get to see other’s stories about their natural journey but I also got so many tips handling natural hair. Even if I need help baking a caking, cooking a meal, fixing my nails, my eyebrows or anything in the world YouTube is my go to person ! I thank the founders and makers of YouTube, because due to these great videos I no longer have to worry about anything at all. I also no longer know what sleep is. Yes I stay up at 3 in the morning watching videos. They just make me happy.

Yes I’m The Queen Of YouTube Hair Tutorials !!!!

Not only do I love speaking about hair videos but let me share one with you.

This is one of my favorites, like just look at her hair ! Natural Hair/ Twist- Out Tutorial 

This is what makes me happy, YouTube is the best of the best.


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