Making My First GIF ! (OMG)

My First GIF

When my professor said that our CT 101 class will create our first GIF, I was excited yet scared at first. I could not believe we was actually going to create our own but yet I was scared with all these ideas running through my head. But even though it is my first and I will only get better looking back at the four that I created I was very proud of myself. Let me take you through my first four GIF ever !

This was the first GIF that I made. I felt just like this excited but yet have so much ides that is like an ocean full of ideas but not sure on what to do. The more I use these ideas the better I know I will get.

This was my second GIF, I was like yes girl you got this. One thing I have to learn is to have faith in myself and learn not to be disappointed in my work. Due to the fact that every mistake is a learning process for better.

This was my third try at GIF, I felt like a cold piece of ice. I had so many ideas still going through my head that I came to the point where I felt like my brain went ice cold, because I did not know what to do. But I then learned with all these ideas I can do what ever came to my mind and explore my great ideas.

This is my forth GIF ! Then finally I became as happy as this lady and this emoji. I realized that my ideas is only going to come together, and by exploring my ideas I am expressing my creative side. Even though it is going to take me some time to be good or even great, the learning process is what is going to be an amazing pathway. GIF is just an easy way to express your current mood or feeling within any situation in your life.

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