So I checked out some of my classmates’ websites…

And some of them looked impressive. The art and presentation of their blogs look really good! However, some of them looked kind of basic, though not really a bad thing. Some sites that I visited are, and seems to have a normal blog. It has some GIFs, Photoshopped images, etc. There are also some other posts that talk about life. is just like kenitarajan, only with images and gifs. is probably my favorite blog. It kind of reminds me of the Angry Video Game Nerd, where he plays alot of bad game, and rants about it online.

Finally, I have to say, his blog is really impressive. It focuses on photoshop, tutorials, and music. I’d like to see where this blog is going later on.

So those are all the blogs I decided to check out, and I think you should probably check ’em out too.

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