Discovering Your Classmates Websites

During week #10 I asked each student to share their new website’s url in the comment section on this post

All 40 registered CT101 students have participated.  Now its time to explore and share our experiences by visiting some of the websites (below).

Part 1 – Select a few of the links below and explore! Discover and Participate! Leave a helpful comment on the site, make suggestions, share what you like and what successes you see! Perhaps you may want to share a helpful tutorial link or simply ask a fellow student if you can be a guest blogger on their website? Create a collaboration or a shared experience, sky is the limit! You can do this by commenting on the site or by sending a message via the site’s contact method.

Part 2 – Write a detailed blog post about your experience and publish it to your own website. Which websites did you visit? List them! Which ones stand out? Be sure to add some GIFs or images and video to support your reflections! Share your feedback!

Student websites :


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