I have been making a music for 10 years.

I never published anything due to my own criticism. Too scared.

Then i was going through a hard time. and music was my water.

I would drown in it.  Eventually, i ran out of songs. got angry none of them reflected my emotions exactly.

so that night where i could had sworn the sun never even woke up. I wrote a song an just posted it for me. So i never would forget that day.

The following is the song.


She gives me everything
She brings me her precious things.
She brings to me.
Do I leave her.
Call down the stars that shine
Ill Kiss the sky.
Our love will never die
I cannot lie.

Do I leave her.

She flavors me so sweet
Just to steal everything

Jump through the all this wire
Just To meet you here.

Do I leave her

Only a matter of time
Before she is mine.
How do I tell her
I’m leaving you

Do I leave her.

(Do not normally sings )( I cant )

This is my early version of an old Beatles song I remade and rewrote.

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