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So I decided to make my site around my passions as reflected in my latest update. I made an attempt to start an online magazine a couple of years ago and just couldn’t keep up with it. I lost direction so many times I just stopped blogging and lost a desire for it. That site eventually turned into my brand ( where I offer my creative services and showcase experimental work. It helps pay rent so I can’t complain too much about what it turned into.

I signed up for this class to reignite that spark after I finished my time in the military and I like the momentum I have been picking up since I started. I now have a will to blog again and I feel like my content is actually worth something. I’ve made so many things that I just don’t feel confident about and I am going to use this blog to display and rebrand them.

Here is something I made a few months ago but literally only showed it to a handful of people. It is a fan edit I did for one of my favorite movies : aliens. It’s so intense at times it will give you anxiety kind of the same way midterms give you anxiety. Think of this as a reaction post because I feel terribly anxious today.


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