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I finally figured out the theme of my site. I’ve been sitting on the idea of starting an online magazine for a while but I was stuck without direction. I already have a strong interest in story telling and filmmaking which was a large part of the reason why I took this class to begin with. Using some of the things I learned from my time spent in my journalism classes as well as my time spent as a freelance videographer I see how I can combine the two to become an entertaining online magazine. As far as construction goes I bought a template that I am modifying and I designed the logo. I wanted the logo and site to give off a high end european magazine feel.

The link to my site is

Let me know what you think !

3 thoughts on “My new site”

  1. Looking good, I really like the logo!
    This week, lets remove all the default content that comes with the theme, that stuff is not needed, will you be replacing that stuff or redesigning from scratch?

    1. Thank you ! I will remove all the demo content that comes with the theme this week. I am just using it as demo content to help me further redesign the site

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