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I made my own website a few weeks ago. However, the site is still in development right now, but you can check it out right here:

Overall, It’s progress for me.I am still thinking on what my blog should be about, but I already have a good idea on what it should be: The pros and cons of the gaming industry, the gaming community in general, and our lives in gaming.

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  1. Sounds good, but the hyperlink to your site is not properly linked. Can you please make sure it is hyperlinked so that when a visitor clicks on it they will be redirected to the link. Also, this blog post needs more content. Why not add a reaction GIF, or a series of them expressing how you feel about your new website? How about also sharing a few links to other websites on the Internet that you like.
    The goal with our blogging practice is to expand each week with our blogging, not to make our blog posts look like they did during the first week of class. How are you going to make this post better?

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