Disintegration Effect

this is my attempt of disintegration effect by using GIMP. It will look like the body is breaking into small particles. For this effect you need a portrait with white background and image of cracked background. This tutorial will provide you simple steps for creating this effect.

click her for GIMP

It can also be done in photoshop. click here for photoshop.




  1. Nice work! Now tell us a bit about your connection to the content? Who is the woman in the image? What inspired you to use her for this project? The more specific the better. Digital storytelling exceeds a simple explanation, one aspires to be compelling and to reach the audience in a way that connects to them in various ways. Keep up the good work!

  2. This looks amazing. I see these types of photos on Instagram pages, and I always wondered how they did it. Might try it out sometime and make a post about it

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