A Poem for You

I didn’t know what to write about for this week,so I decided to share my original poem that I have wrote on my own.


“You are more than you think”

Does  life sometimes make you feel like it’s a  huge big mess?

Going left and going right,

Not knowing where you are

And not knowing where to go?


Does Everyday sometimes feel like a battle?

And you don’t know how to Fight back With the  invisible powers?

Does Everything you touch not turn to gold?

And  you keep questioning yourself whether  you are doing this all wrong?


Sometimes in life you gotta step back and breathe,

Even when the world feels like it’s under your feet.

There’s no such thing as I can’t do it,

Cuz deep down you know your true powers.

You know your strengths,

You know your weaknesses,

You know who you are,

And where you’re going.

You know you can do anything,

Absolutely anything you wish,

Even if it is to find the impossible Pluto,

That no one thinks it exists.


Never let anyone manipulate you in thinking you’re worthless or insecure,

 Always remember that you are something more.


When you feel lost and insecure

Look up at the dark sky

And the stars should lead you to the way you need to go.


Don’t ever give up is what life may always teach you,

Keep moving forward,

Keep moving straight,

And don’t ever forget that Gd is always with you and loves you no less! 


ps: If anyone wants to collab and create a song out of this,I’m definetly in!


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