GIF Animated Glitch Picture

Working with photoshop is complicated and interesting. Complicated because it has many unexpected cool features and there are thousands of ways to create one certain effect.Photoshop is interesting because if one knows how to use it, he/she can conquer the web world with own creativity. I never used Photoshop before taking this class. My first Photoshop Gif took hours to complete because I was struggling to figure out the functions of each command. Though every week I try to do something new and struggle a lot, I believe this is a great learning opportunity.

This week I tried to create GIF using Glitch effect. I found a good Youtube video to help me out. This effect is really cool. Every week I struggle a lot to find good quality pictures. Making layers, using layer masks, grouping different frames, confuse me a lot. I am practicing and hopefully will understand with time. This is my GIF with glitch effect:

This is the like of the video that I have used:

I really want you guys to try this effect and if anyone know where and how I can find good quality pictures, please let me know.

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