How to Take stunning photos with your iPhone that everyone adores

So lately I’ve been interested in photography. Since I don’t have a fancy camera with all the fancy camera equipment’s, I decided to search for something that was more simple. So one day while I was surfing YouTube on a lazy Sunday, I came across a video that was titled,” 7 little known tricks for taking incredible iPhone photos that everyone loves”.

Immediately I clicked on the video,because lets face it,who doesn’t want to learn to take photos with their IPHONE that is always at our fingertips!!

You can check out the video right here,trust me,its worth watching!

After I finished watching his videos,I decided to give it a try for myself.

Using the techniques learned in the videos, here are the photos I took with my iPhone.


In this photo I learned to use the focus tool. I focused the camera on the headphones and therefor the rest of my background became blurry. Pretty cool if I do say so myself 🙂
The next technique was to practice the angle and height from where the photo is taken from. As you can see from this photo that by taking a simple object ,like a shopping cart in our case and  changing the angle of view can make the photo look completely different and way more interesting. Don’t you agree?










This one is my favorite technique and I love how the photo came out. The way I took this photo was by manually focusing my camera on a light source and then I decreased my exposure until the sky appeared darker and the little blurry circles disappeared.  once my settings were set, I took my photo and that is the result I got. Beautiful right? Reminder…THIS WAS ALL TAKEN WITH A REGULAR IPHONE 5S!

The possibilities on what you can do with photography are endless. So find an object, grab your iPhone and point and shoot.




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