Frame Animation in Photoshop

After using Photoshop in the classroom, I became interested. I wanted to make something interesting that relates to my major. So, I took some pictures of great mathematicians (Euclid, Pythagoras, Rene Descartes, Albert Einstein) and tried to do frame animation. I took help from different youtube videos; the links are given below.

When I completed the first frame animation successfully, I was happy and wanted to create something for fun. So, I took some pictures of Selina Gomez and created another frame animation.

I struggled a lot to find out pictures of the same size. I used google image tool but most of the pictures were not accurate size. I also struggled with picture quality. Picture quality changed a lot when I used them in Photoshop. Resizing pictures or frames were another point of my struggle.

These are the links of the videos that I have used to learn frame animation:

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