First Photoshop Try

Im a little late but in class we began playing around with photoshop & i fell in love. Of course when Professor told us to just grab images that we liked the first thing that came to mind was beautiful women with natural hair. I ended up coming across 2 images at random that while working with them I eventually realized how much they represented ME!

This First one screams at me simply because it gives off an island vibe and I, myself am Jamaican !

However, this one also relates to me because although im a island girl, i now live here in New York City. So here I am puff wearing young lady twisted in the city.

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  1. Excellent! See that, photoshop is great! More to come! Perhaps you want to add a hyperlink to an image or map where you grew up in Jamaica? Or something related. Hyperlinking is important too :))

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