Double Exposure

Last week when the professor showed us how to use Photoshop, I became really excited. I wanted to do a lot of fun things using that. But, unfortunately, I do not have photoshop on my laptop and the computers in the library do not have it either. So, I started to browse to find something online for free that is similar to photoshop and I found PIXLR. I thought I could make animated GIF using PIXLR. But, I was unable to do because there was no timeline for creating that. I googled what else I can do with this website. I found something interesting and that is the double exposure. I never used PIXLR before, so I have to use lots of youtube video to figure out how to make the double exposure using PIXLR. This is my first ever double exposure picture that is a girl and her hair is a picture of New York City.

I have used lots of youtube videos. The links are given below.

If anyone wants to create something like this they can watch these videos and feel free to ask me any questions regarding this work.

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