Surprisingly I had a hard time with this assignment but I do like the end result. I was really good at using photoshop back in high school and this just reminded me how much i have forgotten already ! I wanted to practice more but since there wasn’t enough time in class I looked online to find another way to make a image move using filters. I saw IT recently and figured this was a good assignment to try it out.

If anyone else wants to try I used to create the GIF and used to create the different filters. Photoshop is a lot more smooth looking but its still cool to see how you can use other websites to do something similar.

4 thoughts on “Animations”

  1. Nice choice on the image of the sunset. I thought of doing a sunset image as well, but chose a beach image from Dominican Republic.
    Thanks for the links too. Good to know some features of Photoshop are available out there without a subscription.

    1. Thanks, I liked your post too. It was hard to think of anything to use but I figured you can never go wrong with a sunset. Yeah, its not as great a photoshop but it’s still pretty cool.

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